Rise Up Together!

Rise Up Together!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Closing Worship

Worshipping together with 30,000 others at Ford Field is hard to put into words. The sound of the words and songs echoing throughout the crowd puts tears in my eyes every time. Watching our youth go through communion was so moving. Everyone listening to Bishop Eaton's inspirational words really hits home.  

We don't have to save the world...Jesus already did it!  Resting in Jesus is where we find joy. Following Jesus isn't always easy but we find strength in Him.  Finally.... We are called to bear burdens, build bridges, break chains, and bring hope because Christ did it for US!!

Thank you again to everyone who helped make this trip possible for our young people. Thank you for your support, prayers, and continual belief in them. 

Thank you to the adult leaders!  You love these kids like your own! You gave up sleep to help them have an amazing experience and celebrate their faith. You sang, danced, and got goofy with them. Thank you!

I love to watch throughout the week....to watch in all unfold. Comfort levels being challenged, getting to know others more..... They soaked it all in as they celebrated their faith in Christ!  They were inspired, challenged, and called to be strong in their faith. Again, it's a blessing to walk with them on their faith journey. 

So..... The journey home begins........challenging us to bear burdens, build bridges, break chains, and build hope at home!

Tigers vs Baltimore ......one hot day!!

Communion with 30,000... Indescribable!

Closing worship

Closing Worship